Saturday, October 25, 2008

Imagination is Half The Proof

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eye, etc.

A bit about eye doctors ironically filmed from a poorly-lit, shadowy angle.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Sketch in the Style of Bob and Ray

(But not as good.)

Ray: Send in the next applicant, please.

Bob (In an adenoidal voice): Hello.

Ray: Ah yes, Mr., uh, is it In-ab Alsabrook?

Bob: It’s pronounced I-nab with a long I.

Ray: I see. That’s a rather unusual name I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. Is it, uh, Welsh?

Bob: It’s nothing actually. My father thought it was biblical but our old testament had a lot of typos.

Ray: Well that certainly explains your interest in our copy editing position.

Bob: Yes, it’s become my life’s calling.

Ray: Mm hmm. Funny, I’ve been to Wales many times and never ran into an Inab. I’m not sure why I thought it could be Welsh.

Bob (obliviously continuing his previous thought): I know firsthand how incorrect printed matter can have dire consequences.

Ray (They are now engaging in alternating monologues): Met a couple Ians and a guy named Renfroe, but I think he was a tourist too. He had a Mickey Mouse t-shirt on and a distinctly southern accent.

Bob: I like to think all the taunts and beatings from schoolyard bullies wouldn’t have been in vain if I can dedicate my life to correcting print.

Ray: Now it says here you know Ward. Is that someone familiar to me you’re using as a reference but decided only to list by his first name?

Bob: That’s supposed to read Word as in Microsoft Word. I know Word.

Ray: Well that certainly calls into question your qualifications as a copy editor.

Bob: I’m sorry, but a lot of the vowels do look alike.

Ray: That’s certainly true, but close attention to detail would have noticed that error and that’s kind of what we look for in a copy editor. Funny, I used to know a Ward McIntyre. He was Scottish.

Bob: I certainly hope you won’t let this stand in the way of my life’s work.

Ray: Well I’ll certainly keep this on file. Is this your correct e-mail:

Bob: That’s supposed to read

Ray: Well there again, that doesn’t give me much confidence in your abilities. But if we receive no other applicants for copy editor whose resumes are less riddled with errors than yours, we’ll be in touch. Thank you.

The End

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Goodbye Cruel Scottdale

Why does Meetup keep sending me notices about new suicide pacts? And way the hell out in Scottdale? I gotta fill up first? No thanks.

I know the depressive economy has been put on watch--no belts or laces for Wall St. for awhile--but this is America. What kind of electro-shock therapy might Ben Franklin have tinkered up for himself? How would self-reliant Emerson have self-medicated? What minority group would Henry Ford have blamed?

Besides, I wouldn't want to belong to any suicide pact that would have me as a member.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Oh Brother, Who Endorseth Thou?

Bluegrass legend Ralph Stanley is doing commercials for Obama.

Ironically, if McCain wins I hear his inaugural address will be titled "Oh Death, Won't Ya Spare Me Over 'Til Another Year."

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Last Monday Night

A Star Bar set so obviously Not Safe for Work. The Star Bar is part punk rock bar, part hipster honkytonk and part neighborhood dive bar. The pre-karaoke comedy tends toward the sick--which can get a bit tedious after awhile--but on its best nights the comics feel liberated to each do their own thing and the audience appreciates being given some credit.

For stand-up in Atlanta, it's the smartest room in town.
Live at the Star Bar 09-29-08