Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A 24-Hour City

The High Museum will be open all night Friday.
Finally this Olympic city is starting to get a vibrant nightlife. Not only will the High be open past 10 for one night a year, but the Cheshire Bridge Waffle House just got “Hey Ya” on the jukebox.

To celebrate the museum’s exhibit of artifacts from the Louvre, they’ll be screening movies set in Paris including the Ernst Lubitsch classic Ninotchka at 1 a.m. Script by Billy Wilder, Garbo speaks, Being There co-star Melvin Douglas as leading man and my 2nd favorite Marx Brothers foil Sig Ruman as Iranoff. (Margaret Dumont is still No. 1.)

"The last mass trials were a success: there will be fewer, but better Russians."

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Alt LA Comedy Comes to Indie Atl

A group of performers centered on an alt comedy show in LA are playing the Eyedrum tonight.

On their website they note the inspiration for their regular stage show:
"THE SHOW was born from co-creators Val Myers and
Kulap Vilaysack’s frustration with having no place to perform comedy
that wasn’t stand up. At the time, if you were a struggling
non-standup comedian, you either had to suffer through horrible open
mikes, improv school shows or try to organize a sketch group. There
wasn’t a stage where you could just throw something up and push

That's the kind of regular laboratory scene I've been looking for. Too bad I'm 2220 miles away and have a shitty car. (I've got a gig in Athens this month I might have to cancel for fear of a 2 a.m. breakdown on 316.)
Watching a video podcast of one of their shows, the LA comics have an obsession with show biz--understandable in an industry town--and a love of characters premised with having far too much confidence for their limited abilities. I suppose with a famously oblivious president the default satirical impulse these days is to mock cluelessness. But why all the yelling? Throw a little lyrical deadpan in the mix.

But I quibble. An outsider to outsider comics can't complain too much when they stop by to visit.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Peachtree Street's a Nightmare Sunday Mornings

Part time Atlantan Elton John--whose condo lies just across the street from the Cathedral of Christ the King--condemned organized religion for its virulent homophobia. In response the International Rabbinical Council, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Vatican issued a joint statement saying "Fag!"

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Date Set, Time Late, Sketches and Set Lists in Progress.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Lowest Testicles Statewide.

Tommy Irvin was elected to his 9th term as Georgia's Agriculture Secretary on Tuesday. He's 77 and will be 81 when the term ends. I voted for Tommy--one of my few candidates to win in Red-as-clay Georgia--but he is getting up there. When your Agriculture Secretary is pushing 80 ya start to worry that he's the guy shitting on the spinach.

Boil your peanuts before eating.

Photo: Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin (right).

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I Love a One-Man Allegorical Parade

Atlanta performance artist Ben Fain presents Gemini's Brine tonight in the parking lot at Masquerade.

Next week look for a piece titled "Man in a Mastodon T-shirt Looking to Score Some Weed" in the same location.

The Masquerade is to go condo soon though I've been doing this bit for almost 2 years now: