Sunday, November 09, 2008

City Morgue

King Tut's coming to the Civic Center. He must be starring in the new Tyler Perry play: Madea Robs a Grave.

They sure do like corpse exhibits at the Civic Center. From The Bodies to The Passion to a really dead boy king. And coming in December it's James Brown.

Now, when I die I don't want no fancy funeral, just dumb my body at 395 Piedmont. You can paint it in stripes or something if that helps.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Voting For Hope at Hope

I had planned to vote like I tend to orgasm: early. But it turns out that long line outside a government office I spent six hours waiting in last week was actually an unemployment office. Whoops.

Instead, I’ll be at my regular precinct John Hope Elementary on Tuesday. John Hope was a prominent educator born to a white father and black mother. He became the first black president of Atlanta’s Morehouse College and later of the whole Atlanta University complex. Seems like a fitting place.

It’d be like a McCain supporter getting to vote at Erratic, Negative Campaign With a Woefully Unqualified Running Mate High--formerly known as Open Campus.